Skye Bank

How To Deposit – Skye Bank

There is no fee for deposits with this payment method.
If your transaction is authorised your account will be credited immediately.

Step 1 Go to any Skye Bank branch to deposit funds into your Bet9ja account.
Step 2 Deposit to Bet9ja with Skye Bank cheque/funds transfer form (no cash deposit available).
Step 3 Fill in the deposit slip providing the following details:

Account name: Bet9ja.
Account number: Your Bet9ja UserID.
Depositor’s name: Your name.
Amount: The amount you wish to deposit.
Cheque No.: Input your Skye Bank cheque number if paying with cheque

Step 4 Fill in your Skye Bank cheque/funds transfer form in favour of Bet9ja.
Step 5 Present the deposit slip and your Skye Bank cheque/funds transfer form in favour of Bet9ja to the cashier and request that the payment be made to Bet9ja using the Skye Collect.
Step 6 You will be issued a receipt upon completion of the transaction which should be kept for reference purposes.