Lucky Dice

The Game

In Lucky Dice, a player bets on the result of the roll of a pair of standard dice. If the player guesses correctly a win occurs.

Below is the game screen on opening:



Bets and Odds

Each betting spot on the table is a separate bet. The bet is shown in the top of each box, and the associated odds are shown below it.

Bet on a single number by placing your chips directly on the number.

Bet that the outcome of the spin will be low (2-5), middle (6-8) or high (9-12) by placing your chips on either the hi, mid, or lo betting spots.

Bet that the outcome of the spin will be an odd or an even number by placing your chips on either the odd or even betting spots.

Bet that both dice will be of the same value.
Eg: Two 5s.

Bet that both dice will be of different values.


How To Play

Select the value of your chips. To select a chip value, click on the chip of the value you require. The following chip values are available: 1, 5, 25, and 100. By default the 5 chip is selected.

Place your chips on the appropriate betting spots by clicking on them.  Each click will place a chip of the selected value on the table. Different chip values may be used on different bets by selecting a differing chip values.

If you hover over the different betting spots on the table, the spot is highlighted, and the odds, stake and payout are displayed.

Once you are happy with your selection, click on Roll to roll the dice and your bet will be placed.


Winning Bets

When the dice have been rolled, the result will appear in the top right corner of the game screen in the History Table, and winning betting spots will be highlighted. If you have a bet covering a winning betting spot, you win and your winnings will be credited to your account.

Payout values are calculated as ODDS multiplied by the Stake for each bet.


History Table

This table shows the dice results of the most recent 10 rolls.